As a Stylist you have an opportunity to participate in our exclusive Try Before You Buy program for your Clients. 
Refer to our Stylist Studio>Documents & Images>Try Before You Buy Stylist Guide on how to use this program effectively.
The steps are simple:

  1. Have a Styling Session with your Client, this is a great tool for virtual sessions, but can also be used with in-person sessions.  
  2. Place your Clients TBYB order here under your Stylist account so you have the tracking details and can follow up when the order is received.  Be sure to add the $10 Token to your shopping cart as well, otherwise the order will not be shipped.  All TBYB orders must have 3 items, no more and no less. 
  3. Send the PaySimple link to your Client to capture their credit card information on file as a security that any items they do not keep will be returned.  The Client will create an account, once logged in have them Add New Account under payment methods by inputting their cc info. The product will not be shipped until a cc is entered, they will have 14 days from the time the order is placed to return any items before being charged.  
  4. Follow up with your Client within a day after they receive products, to see which items they would like to keep or return.  Remember you will receive the tracking number by email. 
  5. Have your Client go to your website and purchase the items they want to keep under the Try Before You Buy shopping tab.  At this time, they may also add any additional items from the regular shopping tab to have shipped.  
  6. Send an email to to request a return shipping label for any items they do not want to keep. 
  7. View our Try Before You Buy Stylist Guide for more information.  Stylists are not eligible for the TBYB program personally.