Gabrielle Desantis

CEO and Co-Founder 

In 2006, and born out of necessity, Gabrielle "Gigi" DeSantis, a busy working mom, created “gigi hill”, a much-loved line of fun, fashionable and durable travel and everyday bags designed for work and play. Now with her years of experience and understanding what her customers want, Gabrielle designs and curates wardrobe collections with problem-solving in mind.  
Fun Fact: She reads five books at a time, and never starts at the beginning of any of them.  

Dena Lemos

President and Co-Founder

With over 25 years of experience in the direct sales industry, Dena brings a successful track record in driving high-growth businesses building multi-million dollar organizations and holding multiple corporate executive positions spanning from start-ups to growth and expansion with mature companies.  Her true passion is motivating and inspiring women to achieve their goals reaching the pinnacle of success. 
Fun Fact: She and her husband made a deal prior to getting married - he would do all the laundry if she learned to make homemade tortillas. 25 years later he is still doing all the laundry and she is still making tortillas. 

Lynda Norgaard

Creative Director

All things creative for over 20 years is what Lynda brings to the table. From agency experience as an art director, designer and photographer, to the digital age of web design and development, she is constantly at the intersection of design and technology striving to create meaningful brand and digital experiences with a compelling vision. Her goal is to design a world that is thoughtful, meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.
Fun Fact: Fueled by hot yoga, hot coffee and red wine (not necessarily in that order).

Allison Johnston

Administrative Assistant

Allison loves fashion and has been involved in the direct selling industry for 35 years.  From managing a boutique to leading a multi-million dollar region and everything in between.  With a dynamic personality and the value of strong relationship skills, Allison is well equip to assist us continuing to grow Intuition. She is excited to work with such an incredible team with so much strength and passion.
Fun Fact: She loves to cook and is considered the "spelling police"

Morgan Mateus

Social Media Manger

With a keen interest in social media and design, Morgan is a self taught social media guru. With an understanding of analytics and target audiences,  Morgan has grown multiple start up companies followings while providing them with quality audiences that turn into customers, and then into sales. 
Fun fact:
She has started two e-commerce companies and wants to travel to Fiji someday. 

Jim Turner

Self-Esteem Initiative Program Director

Jim started his direct selling journey 30 years ago and has had the opportunity to work around the world, helping companies establish their operations.  His greatest satisfaction has been to see women succeed, both financially and personally.  The personal development aspect of direct sales led to an interest in helping everyone improve their self-esteem and The Self-Esteem Initiative is the result.
Fun Fact:
  Jim and his family lived in Hong Kong for three years, when his two boys were only 18 months and three years old.  They both still remember how to speak Mandarin Chinese.


Together, our Home Office Team derives from some of the best in the industry. Founded by women who have built powerhouse businesses and succeeded in the direct sales industry for a combination of over 50 years, we are indeed poised to be the next fashion success story.