Intuition brings you a personal shopping experience where we replace the confusion and frustration of fashion with wardrobe recommendations and seasonal updates. For many, shopping is inconvenient and takes time, we bring the store to our Clients through relaxed In Real Life personalized appointments.

Personal Session

Connect with a Stylist to set up an appointment. Your Stylist will create a Client profile getting to know you and what you love and don’t love about your wardrobe. This session can be held at your home or office, your Stylists home or any location you are comfortable with. Once arriving at your session, you will have a blast getting fitted, trying on multiple outfits that fit your body, personality and lifestyle.

Fun with Friends

You just love shopping with your girlfriends, maybe over a glass of wine after work or Saturday morning mimosas. Invite a large group of friends to join the fun or maybe it’s a You and Two (you and two friends) for a small girl gang gathering, it’s up to you. Set a date with your Stylist, she will bring a collection of apparel creating a personalized experience while you all enjoy playing dress-up during the shindig.

Virtual Session

So, maybe you’re not too keen on the idea of meeting up in person, or maybe you are way too busy. Yet you like the idea of your own virtual personalized Stylist while sitting in the comfort of your home. You like to shop on-line, but don’t like it when it arrives in the mail. Doing a virtual session is a way to still shop virtually while being face-to-face with your Stylist going over exactly what you need to fit your body, life and style.



We bring out your personality in your wardrobe. Creating looks and styles that fit your figure and life. Our Styling services are always complimentary and there is never an obligation to purchase.

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